Papaya 1.3.1

Share your files, with style


  • Organize by files
  • View in browser
  • Makes use of Apple technology


  • Limited password

Very good

Web servers offer an excellent way of sharing files with other users. You are not bothered by any size limit and files are directly accessible over the web. Papaya is a web server which makes great use of your Mac's features.

Fitted with a simple interface, Papaya simply involves dragging and dropping your files on the icon. Inside the program you can create folders to reorganize all your files. However what we really appreciated with Papaya was how it integrated a number of features from OSX. You can use Quick Look to have a peek at files, and the search box functions as find as you type. If you want to share a track playing in iTunes, just press the tune button at the top of the interface while it is playing. Papaya also lets you take snapshots with your iSight camera, simply by pressing the camera button at the top of the window.

To protect your files, you can enter a password, although Papaya doesn't give you a choice of different encryption methods. The program includes a URL for your files at the bottom of the window and you can open it up in your web browser to make sure it can be properly shared.

Papaya offers a great way to quickly share files on the web and makes good use of Apple technology. Let's hope it offers better password protection in the future.

Papaya is a web server for Mac OS X dedicated to sharing your files with others. Sharing files is now incredibly quick and easy! It's a matter of dragging files to Papaya's dock icon, or the library list. The web address for downloading the file is copied automatically, ready for pasting into an e-mail or instant message.

Papaya acts as a web server, sharing files through the HTTP protocol. This means that anyone with a web browser can download your files — no special software is needed on the receiving end.



Papaya 1.3.1

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